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Super heroes, villains, cartoon characters, or if you just happen to work on the Deathstar – Pastimes has what you're looking for! Now serving humans. Mon – Sat. 11am - 7pm

Over 30 Years Of Excellence

It's no secret. A clean environment, family friendly service, and a knowledgeable staff is how Asheville's Pastimes has kept our customers happy for over 30 years.

We Listen

If you see something we are missing or maybe you think of something we could do better - Tell Us, because we listen to our customers. That's what makes us your Pastimes!

Our Loyal Customers

Whether you are one of our Super-Subscribers or just coming in to buy that specific book you're looking for - Each and everyone of our customers has a special place inside of Pastimes. That's why you keep coming back.

New releases for 10/23/13

Here’s some of the new releases for 10/23/13: AQUAMAN 24 ARMY OF...

21st Oct


Our new website is up! You will be able to see the...

21st Oct