At Pastimes we are focused on helping you find what you’re looking for. Comics, games, toys, and all things pop culture going out of our way to find that specific item you can’t live without. After all we excel in reuniting you with your pastimes, both young and old in a family friendly environment!

If you are ready to order, you can email us at

or call the store

We can tell you how many we have left and if it’s a high demand item, we can always order more! For rare and Out Of Print items, we will line you up with a private seller where available, because PASTIMES is the place to find the comics, games, or the droids you’re looking for.

No, it doesn’t stop there. Now, you have all of your favorite comics and it’s up to you to protect them. Have you thought about how you will protect the stories you love from the evil forces that seek to destroy them? So have we, to find out more about protecting the universe you’ve built for yourself.

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